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Servicio Desarrollo de Proyectos Espciales

Development of Special Projects

Tecpol is the only company in Chile with the required technology for the development of special products in compact or corrugated polycarbonate.
In case of special projects we develop the necessary matrices to manufacture new sheets (tiles) as a complement of metal panels in accordance with the requirements of our customers.



All products are stored in our sheds on pallets and covered by stretch film with corner protection, thus avoiding damage prior to their dispatch. 

Servicios de Barco


At Tecpol we are concerned with the entire logistic process; when dispatching products, we avoid manual loading in order to prevent unnecessary damage caused by handling.
We load with forklifts over previously prepared pallets designed for each product.
We take pictures of each dispatch and send them to our customers in advance so that they can be prepared to receive their orders.
We have a transport service guaranteeing protection and preservation of the original characteristics of goods during their handling, transfer and transport.
We also have strategic alliances with different transportation companies permitting us to obtain better freight rates and the necessary know-how to optimize costs and time.


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